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Online Role Playing Game ( Mmorpg ) - 1259 Words

When you play games online, do you play the games casually or hardcore? A massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) called Mabinogi. In this game, you will meet thousands of players online to get involve into many activities to have fun. The original game first came out in 2004 in South Korea, but it was localized into North America in 2008. The game is free-to-play where it can be downloaded from the game website, but it must fulfill certain system requirements to properly play the game. (Mabinogi. Mabinogi). Mabinogi is a game where the imagination is potentially endless than what I thought. When playing Mabinogi, I recommend playing the mainstream generations because the story plays a much darker event than what it looks like. In order to start the game, you will need to pick a server, create your character between the 3 races: Human, Elf or Giant, select a talent in the talent system, and use the tutorial to understand the combat system. The character will have the skills to find, train, and get stronger by gaining Experience Points (EXP) and Ability Points (AP). To gain AP, you will need to level up your character, complete some quests, or wait until Saturday to let your character s age increase. If you are done leveling up with your character, you have the ability called, â€Å"Rebirth† where your character s level will reset to 1, but you can keep your character s current skill ranks, AP, items, funds, and achievements. Your character can onlyShow MoreRelatedOnline Gaming and Fraud in Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) 1359 Words   |  5 Pages1. Online Gaming Security and Fraud Throughout the evolution of gaming, there has been a movement of large communities to online gaming. With that high amount of traffic, these online games have become prime targets for crime to emerge from. Due to the online nature and virtual elements of this kind of community, the most common type of crime committed was theft, followed closely by fraud (Chen 2005). With the increase in online communities from online gaming, businesses have started advertisingRead MorePlay Is Our Brain s Favorite Way Of Learning1252 Words   |  6 Pagesis gaming. As a result, games have become negatively viewed by parents and teachers alike. One study shows that a child with access to video games â€Å"spent less time engaged in educational activities after school and showed less advancement in their reading and writing skills over time† (Rettner). Parents and teachers alike want children to acquire an adequate education. Since games seem to be hindering education, it is understandable that they would advocate for video games to be restricted. But, someRead MoreWorld of Warcraft Essay612 Words   |  3 Pagesa  massively multiplayer online role-playing game  (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG) by  Blizzard Entertainment. It has been massively successful and has exceeded the normal popularity of a role-playing title. The main reason for this is that it is very accessible and straightforward, and it is not difficult to play it. Even if you are completely new to gaming you shouldn’t have any problems getting started.World of Warcraft is an enormously popular game that has experiencedRead MoreThe Role Of Playing Game ( Mmorpg )869 Words   |  4 PagesRunescape is one of the first massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that many gamers have started with. Released in 2001, there were no games like it out there for its time. For many of us gamers, Runescape was the beginning of an amazing journey. The game was free to play on your web browser, no download necessary. Once your account was created you were able to start your adventure in the exploration of Runescape, there is no better game you can get lost in. Runescape is the missingRead MoreEssay on World of Warcraft Game Review1170 Words   |  5 PagesI have chosen to review the† World of Warcraft† also known as WOW. This game is more than a simple role playing game with dice. It is so much more than a Nintendo or a Sega game. The game consists of choosing a faction, Race, Class, and what to make your character look like. There are Quests, Dungeons, Raids, Professions, Guilds, Battle grounds, and arenas. It is so involved it takes months if not years to reach a point where I have done all I can do. However it keeps expanding through expansionRead MoreBenefits Of Playing Video Games1421 Words   |  6 PagesOnline gaming has become a serious problem in the society especially among young adults. This is because, most young adults are now stuck on their computers and internet, playing games all day. This has led to serious gaming problems among such individuals because they have no social life outside of the game world. Playing game, is a good way of having fun and developing one’s cognitive ability. The benefits of playing video games are numerous when done in moderation. â€Å"Playi ng brain-teasing gameRead MoreMmorpgs Essay957 Words   |  4 PagesPeople all the world continue to participate in a Massively multiplayer online role-playing games MMORPGs. Wherever gamers stay involved in the role-playing through online video games that utilize, and MMORPG that creates an avatar that has the features that individual select and can play with an enormous number of players that communicate though aviator within a virtual world. The MMORPGs implements tasks and combats that become continually more difficult, although the prime objective is to advanceRead MoreShould Video Games Be Addictive?1003 Words   |  5 PagesThe question of whether video games can be addictive is left unanswered because many articles and studies provide evidence that supports both sides of the debate. The article, â€Å"Online Gaming Addiction? Motives Predict Addictive Play Behavior in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games† by Kuss et al, primarily covers Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) and discusses what motives can lead to addictive behavior. The characteristics of MMORPGs include escapism, mechanics,Read MoreEssay on Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games Impacting Chess1269 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) Emmanuel Mitchell Prof. Donald G. Moore, Jr., PhD. CIS375: Human Computer Interaction December 16, 2014 Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games are played all over the world. These role playing games allow hundreds of thousands of players to compete against each other via the internet in a virtual world. In these virtual worlds the players are also allowed to interactRead MoreExploring The Potential For Addiction1543 Words   |  7 PagesWarcraft is perhaps the best-known massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG). These games are incredibly immersive and generally have no real ending, with players able to continue the game indefinitely via expansions and new content being added. A pilot study by Hussain and Griffiths (2009) set out to explore the potential for addiction to an MMORPG, within its psychological and psychosocial effects on players. Generally, studies of MMORPGs have not had a specific focus on addiction or the

Deception Point Page 16 Free Essays

For the next sixty seconds, Marjorie Tench outlined why the President would be sending her to the CNN debate instead of some lowly campaign staffer. When Tench was finished, the President could only stare in amazement. Once again, Marjorie Tench had proven herself a political genius. We will write a custom essay sample on Deception Point Page 16 or any similar topic only for you Order Now 18 The Milne Ice Shelf is the largest solid ice floe in the Northern Hemisphere. Located above the Eighty-second Parallel on the northernmost coast of Ellesmere Island in the high Arctic, the Milne Ice Shelf is four miles wide and reaches thicknesses of over three hundred feet. Now, as Rachel climbed into the Plexiglas enclosure atop the ice tractor, she was grateful for the extra parka and gloves waiting for her on her seat, as well as the heat pouring out of the tractor’s vents. Outside, on the ice runway, the F-14’s engines roared, and the plane began taxiing away. Rachel looked up in alarm. â€Å"He’s leaving?† Her new host climbed into the tractor, nodding. â€Å"Only science personnel and immediate NASA support team members are allowed on-site.† As the F-14 tore off into the sunless sky, Rachel felt suddenly marooned. â€Å"We’ll be taking the IceRover from here,† the man said. â€Å"The administrator is waiting.† Rachel gazed out at the silvery path of ice before them and tried to imagine what the hell the administrator of NASA was doing up here. â€Å"Hold on,† the NASA man shouted, working some levers. With a grinding growl, the machine rotated ninety degrees in place like a treaded army tank. It was now facing the high wall of a snow berm. Rachel looked at the steep incline and felt a ripple of fear. Surely he doesn’t intend to- â€Å"Rock and roll!† The driver popped the clutch, and the craft accelerated directly toward the slope. Rachel let out a muffled cry and held on. As they hit the incline, the spiked treads tore into the snow, and the contraption began to climb. Rachel was certain they would tip over backward, but the cabin remained surprisingly horizontal as the treads clawed up the slope. When the huge machine heaved up onto the crest of the berm, the driver brought it to a stop and beamed at his white-knuckled passenger. â€Å"Try that in an SUV! We took the shock-system design from the Mars Pathfinder and popped it on this baby! Worked like a charm.† Rachel gave a wan nod. â€Å"Neat.† Sitting now atop the snow berm, Rachel looked out at the inconceivable view. One more large berm stood before them, and then the undulations stopped abruptly. Beyond, the ice smoothed into a glistening expanse that was inclined ever so slightly. The moonlit sheet of ice stretched out into the distance, where it eventually narrowed and snaked up into the mountains. â€Å"That’s the Milne Glacier,† the driver said, pointing up into the mountains. â€Å"Starts up there and flows down into this wide delta that we’re sitting on now.† The driver gunned the engine again, and Rachel held on as the craft accelerated down the steep face. At the bottom, they clawed across another ice river and rocketed up the next berm. Mounting the crest and quickly skimming down the far side, they slid out onto a smooth sheet of ice and started crunching across the glacier. â€Å"How far?† Rachel saw nothing but ice in front of them. â€Å"About two miles ahead.† Rachel thought it seemed far. The wind outside pounded the IceRover in relentless gusts, rattling the Plexiglas as if trying to hurl them back toward the sea. â€Å"That’s the katabatic wind,† the driver yelled. â€Å"Get used to it!† He explained that this area had a permanent offshore gale called the katabatic-Greek for flowing downhill. The relentless wind was apparently the product of heavy, cold air â€Å"flowing† down the glacial face like a raging river downhill. â€Å"This is the only place on earth,† the driver added, laughing, â€Å"where hell actually freezes over!† Several minutes later, Rachel began to see a hazy shape in the distance in front of them-the silhouette of an enormous white dome emerging from the ice. Rachel rubbed her eyes. What in the world†¦? â€Å"Big Eskimos up here, eh?† the man joked. Rachel tried to make sense of the structure. It looked like a scaled-down Houston Astrodome. â€Å"NASA put it up a week and a half ago,† he said. â€Å"Multistage inflatable plexipolysorbate. Inflate the pieces, affix them to one another, connect the whole thing to the ice with pitons and wires. Looks like an enclosed big top tent, but it’s actually the NASA prototype for the portable habitat we hope to use on Mars someday. We call it a ‘habisphere.'† â€Å"Habisphere?† â€Å"Yeah, get it? Because it’s not a whole sphere, it’s only habi-sphere.† Rachel smiled and stared out at the bizarre building now looming closer on the glacial plain. â€Å"And because NASA hasn’t gone to Mars yet, you guys decided to have a big sleepover out here instead?† The man laughed. â€Å"Actually, I would have preferred Tahiti, but fate pretty much decided the location.† Rachel gazed uncertainly up at the edifice. The off-white shell was a ghostly contour against a dark sky. As the IceRover neared the structure, it ground to a stop at a small door on the side of the dome, which was now opening. Light from inside spilled out onto the snow. A figure stepped out. He was a bulky giant wearing a black fleece pullover that amplified his size and made him look like a bear. He moved toward the IceRover. Rachel had no doubt who the huge man was: Lawrence Ekstrom, administrator of NASA. The driver gave a solacing grin. â€Å"Don’t let his size fool you. The guy’s a pussycat.† More like a tiger, Rachel thought, well acquainted with Ekstrom’s reputation for biting the heads off those who stood in the way of his dreams. When Rachel climbed down from the IceRover, the wind almost blew her over. She wrapped the coat around herself and moved toward the dome. The NASA administrator met her halfway, extending a huge gloved paw. â€Å"Ms. Sexton. Thank you for coming.† Rachel nodded uncertainly and shouted over the howling wind. â€Å"Frankly, sir, I’m not sure I had much choice.† A thousand meters farther up the glacier, Delta-One gazed through infrared binoculars and watched as the administrator of NASA ushered Rachel Sexton into the dome. 19 NASA administrator Lawrence Ekstrom was a giant of a man, ruddy and gruff, like an angry Norse god. His prickly blond hair was cropped military short above a furrowed brow, and his bulbous nose was spidered with veins. At the moment, his stony eyes drooped with the weight of countless sleepless nights. An influential aerospace strategist and operations adviser at the Pentagon before his appointment to NASA, Ekstrom had a reputation for surliness matched only by his incontestable dedication to whatever mission was at hand. As Rachel Sexton followed Lawrence Ekstrom into the habisphere, she found herself walking through an eerie, translucent maze of hallways. The labyrinthine network appeared to have been fashioned by hanging sheets of opaque plastic across tautly strung wires. The floor of the maze was nonexistent-a sheet of solid ice, carpeted with strips of rubber matting for traction. They passed a rudimentary living area lined with cots and chemical toilets. Thankfully, the air in the habisphere was warm, albeit heavy with the mingled potpourri of indistinguishable smells that accompany humans in tight quarters. Somewhere a generator droned, apparently the source of the electricity that powered the bare bulbs hanging from draped extension cords in the hallway. â€Å"Ms. Sexton,† Ekstrom grunted, guiding her briskly toward some unknown destination. â€Å"Let me be candid with you right from the start.† His tone conveyed anything but pleasure to have Rachel as his guest. â€Å"You are here because the President wants you here. Zach Herney is a personal friend of mine and a faithful NASA supporter. I respect him. I owe him. And I trust him. I do not question his direct orders, even when I resent them. Just so there is no confusion, be aware that I do not share the President’s enthusiasm for involving you in this matter.† How to cite Deception Point Page 16, Essay examples

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To Build A Fire Essays - To Build A Fire, Jack London, Fiction

To Build A Fire The significance of the words dying and death in Jack London's 1910 novel, To Build a Fire continuously expresses the man's dwindling warmth and bad luck in his journey along the Yukon trail to meet the boys at the camp. London associate dying with the man's diminishing ability to stay warm in the frigid Alaskan climate. The main character predicament slowly gets worse one level at a time finally resulting in death. The narrator informs the reader the man lacks personal experience traveling in the Yukon terrain. The old-timer warned the man about the harsh realities of the Klondike. The confident main character thinks of the old-timer at Sulphur Creek as womanish. Along the trail, the man falls into a hidden spring and attempts to build a fire to dry his socks and keep warm. With his wet feet quickly growing numb, he realizes he has only one chance to successfully build a fire or face the harsh realities of the Yukon at one-hundred nine degrees below freezing. Falling snow from a tree blots out the fire and the character realizes he had just heard his own sentence of death. Jack London introduces death to the reader in this scene. The man realizes a second fire must be built without fail. The man's mind begins to run wild with thoughts of insecurity and death when the second fire fails. He recollects the story of a man who kills a steer to stay warm and envisions himself killing his dog and craw ling into the carcass to warm up so he can build a fire to save himself. As the man slowly freezes, he realizes he is in serious trouble and can no longer make excuses for himself. Acknowledging he would never get to the camp and would soon be stiff and dead, he tries to clear this morbid thought from his mind by running down the trail in a last ditch effort to pump blood through his extremities. The climax of the story describes the man picturing his body completely frozen on the trail. He falls into the snow thinking, he is bound to freeze anyway and freezing was not as bad as people thought. There were a lot worse ways to die. The man drowsed off into the most comfortable and satisfying sleep he had ever known. The dog looked on creeping closer, filling his nostrils with the scent of death. London's portrayal of the man does not initially give the reader the theme of dying, but slowly develops the theme as the story develops. The story doesn't mention death until the last several pages. The main character changes from an enthusiastic pioneer to a sad a nd desperate man. The conclusion of the story portrays the man accepting his fate and understands the old-timer at Sulphur Creek had been right; no man must travel alone in the Klondike after fifty below. Typically, short stories written in the early 1900's often conclude the story with a death or tragedy. London's story is no exception. This story follows the pattern by illustrating events leading up to and including death. Book Reports

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Pompeii - Our Link to the Past essays

Pompeii - Our Link to the Past essays  ¡The cloud appeared to come out of the top of the mountain that was a long way away. The best way to describe it is to say it looked like a pine tree. It shot straight up like a very tall trunk. At the top of the trunk, the cloud spread out like branches. Parts of the cloud were very bright, and parts were quite dark. The different colors were caused by the amount of cinders in different parts of it." Pliny the Younger wrote these words as he observed the beginning eruption of the volcano that loomed over his city. As this continued, the citizens of Pompeii watched as the cloud came closer, engulfing the city with ashes and cinders, the volcano soon began producing sheets of lava and flames. Days later, the once prosperous city of Pompeii lay in ruins. Perhaps one of the richest sites of archaeological history, Pompeii provides a valuable insight into the life of first century Romans. From excavations that first began in 1748, much has been discovered about the late Roman Republic and early Roman Empire. Pompeii was first settled by the Oscans in 600BC, but didn ¡t become a Roman colony until 89BC under the direction of Lucius Cornelius Sulla. Pompeii played a big role in ancient Rome. First of all, Pompeii was a chief center of trade. It had prosperous trade in wine, oil, millstones, fish, sauce, perfumes, and cloth. In addition, because Pompeii was located in such a prosperous and beautiful area, at the mouth of the Sarnus River, it made it a perfect place for leisure. During the time of the Roman Empire it was a desired place for the wealthy to build summer villas or homes. Destroyed in 79 AD by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius, Pompeii lay buried beneath layers of volcanic debris for more than 1700 years before being discovered by a farmer in the late 1600 ¡s. It wasn ¡t until 1763, 15 years after excavations first began, that the name of Pompeii was discovered. An inscription was found; it read  ¡rei ...

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How to Template Your Site in HTML and PHP

How to Template Your Site in HTML and PHP When each page of your website follows the same design theme, it is  easy to create a template for the site using HTML and PHP. The specific pages of the site hold only their content and not their design. This makes design changes easy because changes take place on all the pages of the website at once, and there is no need to individually update specific pages when the design changes. Creating a Site Template The first thing you need to do is create a file called header.php. This file holds all the page design elements that come before the content. Here is an example: My Site My Site Title My Site menu goes here........... Choice 1 | Choice 2 | Choice 3 Next, make a file called footer.php. This file contains all the site design information that goes beneath the content. Here is an example: Copyright 2008 My Site Finally, create the content pages for your site. In this file you:   Call the header file  (header.php)Put in the page-specific contentCall the footer file (footer.php) Here is an example of how to do this: Sub-Page Title Here is the specific content of this page.... Tips Remember to save all your files with the .php extension.You can have more than a header and a footer. If needed, create other files to include in the middle and call them the same way.Couple your templates with the use of a style sheet to change style within the page-exclusive content.

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Nurses say hospital dangerous, but CEO denies charge Essay

Nurses say hospital dangerous, but CEO denies charge - Essay Example This case has garnered the attention of the nurses who claim that staffing problems are suppressing the quality of care. However, the CEO insists that the Hospital has to follow this path to ensure that the increasing health needs of the community are met through proper utilization of resources (The Star, 2014). The case of Humber Hospital brings about the issue of efficiency in the health care environment. The quality and quantity of healthcare in the society is a major concern for the bodies regulating public healthcare institutions. While there is need to provide a large population with health services, it is crucial for the health service providers to ensure that quality services are rendered. The Ontario Nurses Association is one of the bodies monitoring the health concern in the society. The major focus of the regulating bodies is that the community gets the right quality and quantity of healthcare within the available social amenities. The case of Humber hospital is interesting since it raises the question of whether health service providers should pay attention to the quality or the quantity of their services (The Star, 2014). While the CEO intends to increases the hospital capacity, he risks suppressing the quality of healthcare in this hospital by employing the Registered Practica l Nurses. For instance, neglection of 48 old year old woman with schizophrenia resulted to her death, a case which can be termed as poor quality of service. The fact that there is already a case of patient negligence, it is crucial for regulating bodies to intervene. The concerned bodies should assess if Humber Hospital has the capacity to provide the right quality and quantity of medical care within the society. Numerous groups may have an interest in the case of Humble Hospital. First, the regulating bodies may have a concern with respect to the quality of healthcare in this organization. These bodies have the

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Review of the Literature-Sheila Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Review of the Literature-Sheila - Coursework Example These studies have included a range of methods for collecting qualitative data reflecting on the perceived benefits of electronic health records in improving efficiencies in the clinical setting (Sittig & Singh, 2011). 14 One of the important components of this proposed study is to seek knowledge from healthcare professionals with lived experiences. The study design is a survey of health professionals to gain their perception on patient errors and the capture of data through an electronic health record and paper documentation. Creating a tool to capture effective strategies for patient record keeping in the clinical setting is necessary to review data. Organizational leadership may learn ways to improve patient outcomes through the findings of the qualitative phenomenological study to determine the best approaches to change and methods to reduce errors (Goldstein et al., 2014; Schumacher & Jerch, 2012). 14 The ubiquity of information technology in the 21st century has transformed virtual industries. Today, computers are virtually institutional contexts because of relatively low cost and easy to access. There are still some industries, resistant to the adoption of information technology; healthcare is one such industry (Goldstein et al., 2014). Computers are major in the healthcare field and are frequently in the healthcare delivery system for care management (Chen & Lin, 2011). The advent of the Affordable Care Act creates new compelling incentives exist for clinics regarding implementation of an electronic health record management (Freymann, 2013). The United States healthcare systems are lacking quality healthcare and health record information (Oldfield, 2014). United States healthcare providers are apprehensive about the digital health record because challenges with system integration, education, privacy, and compliance with the federal government regulations. An electronic health